How to Stay Motivated For the Gym

Are you finding it difficult to get yourself to go to the gym?

Are you struggling to push yourself when you do go?

Staying motivated to keep going to the gym does not come easy. There are very few people that can push themselves and consistently go almost everyday of every week. Those people tend to have a huge goal they want to achieve, their minds just have that drive and urge to keep going and suffering, or they have both!

For most of us though it gets tough to have that kind of mindset all day everyday. Some days we make the excuse of being too busy, and other days we’re just too tired and not really feeling it. I remember a time when I stopped working out for almost a whole year! I lost the motivation to do almost any type of exercise. Every now and then I would go play touch football, but that was the most I would do for that period of time. Towards the middle of my exercise free journey I started to lose weight because I wasn’t eating much anymore. I know losing weight is a goal for some but for me I was not wanting to lose weight because the weight I lost was unhealthy. I was losing muscle! I didn’t become more defined, in fact I was gaining a little more fat because I was not eating enough and I wasn’t eating the right foods.

It wasn’t until about a year that I started exercising again. I had a friend tell me that I was looking sick, and she was right. I looked like I was stranded in the dessert for a few days. That got me to start going to the gym again and doing some running and weights. I still didn’t have a routine or any type of exercise program, but I made it an effort to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. After a few weeks I stumbled upon CrossFit on TV and that is what really got me going with exercising. I liked the fact that they used things that people do every day as a way to exercise like running, farmers carry (this correlates to carrying y20170613_014437000_iOSour grocery bags in your hands), jumping over things, ect. Watching the guys and girls utilize all components of fitness to make themselves better motivated me to push myself every time I went to the gym. My goal was to be good at everything.

To help push me every day I went to the gym I found a group of friends that had similar goals as mine. We all wanted to increase our fitness, and way we did that was by holding each other accountable. We always made sure we went to the gym almost everyday, and we actually centered our lives around the gym. We did take rest days though! It wasn’t gym all the time.

Staying motivated doesn’t come easy for everyone. There are very few that can do it on their own. The majority of us need help though. I want to do just that for you. Here are 5 tips to help you stay motivated and keep pushing yourself.

  1. Set yourself a goal. Have an end goal that you want to achieve but also give yourself small goals that lead to that end goal. This will help you stay positive and feeling successful throughout the process. (MAKE YOUR GOAL/GOALS ATTAINABLE)
  2. This may be a little weird for some but it works! Watch videos of the goals you are shooting for. If you want to get ridiculously strong then watch strongman videos for motivation.
  3. Find a group of people or even just one person that have a similar goal as you and keep each other accountable. Ask each other when you all are going to go the gym that day. Having someone do it with you is really powerful!
  4. Get a coach/trainer. This takes the headache out of not knowing what to do and on what days. The coach/trainer will also hold you accountable and motivate you to keep pushing toward that goal of yours.
  5. Make going to the gym a priority. The gym doesn’t have to be the center of your life but make it one of the top things in your life. Make it a routine to go every other day, 3 days a week, or something.


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