Building Confidence

For a long time my confidence level was really low. I barely talked to people other than my close friends, I kept to myself, I didn’t want to answer questions when I was in school, and I didn’t want to venture out and try new things. I was a boring guy who stuck to the same routine everyday.

When I did go out and do things like go to a party or a bar I would normally just stay close to the people I knew and were comfortable with. I didn’t have the confidence to start a conversation with someone I just met, or if someone started talking to me I didn’t feel comfortable enough to keep the conversation going so the conversation would typically stop in like 1-2 minutes. It didn’t take long for that to hit a dead end.

I remember thinking that maybe if I get big and strong I will start to feel better and have more confidence, or if I just get toned and ripped maybe that will boost my confidence level. So, I started striving to get to one of those.

Since I played a few sports in high school I knew how to perform some movements in the weight room, so when I started going back to the gym I stuck to those exercises I knew how to do. I was intimidated a little bit when I would go and see these other individuals that are big and strong and ripped working out. I tried to stay away from them and do my own thing. I would do upper body workouts and a little bit of lower body stuff but mostly upper body. Although I was getting a little definition, I was going no where fast. I was struggle to find out why things weren’t working. I looked up programs and exercises online but that still wasn’t getting me to where I wanted to be. I then saw the CrossFit Games on TV. These guys weren’t big or super cut but they were strong, fast, and did things I’ve never seen. They were striving to reach their full potential in every aspect of fitness. I knew that that’s what I wanted to strive for.

I knew I couldn’t do this on my own so I got referred by a friend of a gym he went to that taught him this way of working out. I went to the gym and ended up signing for a year membership! A few months into it I started noticing a huge difference in myself mentally and physically. I actually gained 20 pounds of muscle and became stronger than I’ve ever 20170506_220554920_iOSbeen, quicker, more conditioned, and all around a better version of myself. I started to become more confident and less intimidated. I loved the progress I was making so much that I wanted to learn how to teach it to others, so I became an intern at the gym. This got me out of my comfort zone and started forcing me to talk to people individually and in groups. I surrounded myself with like-minded individuals and made new friends in the process.

Now I have the confidence to talk to people when I go out, I want to go out and try new things, I don’t feel intimidated if I go to a gym because I know what I’m doing, and physically I like the way I look and what I am capable of. I still strive to get better and I have two amazing trainers that help me because I believe that everyone needs someone to help guide them.

If you’re feeling stuck on what to do and you want to make a change then head HERE so I can learn a little more about you!

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