Staying on Track When the Weekend Comes

The biggest problem starting nutrition is staying on track when the weekend comes up. Often times I hear “I do really good during the week but it’s hard on the weekends because I go out and can’t measure”. You do great during the week because you have a defined schedule and either plan all of your meals Sunday night or you plan the night before and measure everything out. If you don’t measure then you at least plan what it is you are going to eat during the week for your meals. I know once the weekend comes up you want to go out to eat with friends or order in some food, watch movies and relax so it becomes difficult to keep up with it.

There are a few different ways to stay on track and keep moving forward toward your goal. One way is to plan for the whole week, including weekends. This way will get you to that goal they quickest. Another way is doing the hand method. I use this method because it helps me make sure I am still getting a balanced meal even when going out to eat. The way this method works is you will use your hands to measure things out. For carbs you want to stick to mostly vegetables; you will put both of your hands together and make a bowl. So, if you were to place all of your vegetables in that bowl you just made it should fit. For the protein you will take one hand and have palm facing down; then curl your fingers to where the crease past your knuckles are showing. Your protein food should be this size. The last hand measurement is for the fats. For this you would simply use the size of your thumb. The third method that can be used is if you eat from a plate you can simply take the plate and make half of it vegetables, a fourth of it protein and the other fourth your fats and more dense carbs like a sweet potato. All of these methods are very easy and just require you to know the difference between what’s a carb, protein, and fat.

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