Tabata Workout 1


This is a Tabata workout so it is 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. You will do one movement for 6 rounds before moving on to the next movement.

Circuit of 6 rounds

Circuit of 6 rounds

Circuit of 6 rounds

Circuit of 6 rounds

Circuit of 6 rounds

Circuit of 6 rounds



Knowing What Foods to Eat

The first step to nutrition is knowing what foods are good for you and which ones are bad.

How do you know?

If you’re just starting out one way of knowing is by looking at the ingredients. Let’s say lays chipsyou grabbed a bag of Lays potato chips. In the ingredients section you will see things like sodium diacetate, maltodextrin, salt, malic acid, sodium citrate, and sunflower oil. To give you an example of what one of those ingredients are and why you should avoid it we’ll use maltodextrin.

Maltodextrin is a highly processed white powder that is water-soluble and has a neutral taste. This ingredient is high on the GI meaning it will spike your blood sugar, so you would want to avoid it as much as possible but it is ok to have a small amount of it sometimes. It is added to food to increase the volume and shelf life of processed foods. The only time this ingredient is good for you is during a workout and you need a quick energy boost.

Unless you’re a dietitian, most ingredients you see from foods that come out of a box, bag, or can will look foreign to you.ingredients

Now you might be willing to look up every single ingredient from a food item before you get it to make sure it’s ok to have, but for most this is really time consuming and not something people want to do.

A simple method you can use to avoid eating unhealthy preservatives is by picking up a food item and seeing if you know at least 90% of the ingredients that go in that item. If you were to pick up a banana, for the most part, the ingredients that go into a banana is a banana. There are certain circumstances when added substances would be placed in a food item to make it bigger or smaller, but that isn’t something you should worry about for now.

Shopping on the outside of the grocery store is a good way to avoid a lot of the processed foods, and making sure you are buying foods that are rich with healthy nutrients that your body needs. The healthy items that tend to be on the outside of the grocery store are vegetables, fruit, dense carbs like potatoes, meat, and healthy fats like avocados. These food items don’t have a lot of added preservatives, and that’s what makes them the better choice.

Lets breakdown your protein, carbs, and fats to help you understand a little more on the foods we are trying to stay towards, and to get you to begin eating well balanced meals.


For protein we want to stick to foods like chicken, lean beefs, fish, and some dairy like egg whites and milk. You have to be careful on the milk and fish because some have more fat than you need in a meal. Salmon and whole milk are two items that have this, and also beef that is not lean.

We want our carbs to be made up of mostly plant based, so foods like broccoli, kale, cucumber, and other leafy greens. You can have fruit for a meal or two, and same for your more dense carbs like brown rice and potatoes. Eating starchy vegetables makes you feel more full and allows you to eat more of them without consuming a lot of calories.

For the fats, we want to stay more towards our nuts and seeds, so peanuts, walnuts, and almonds are a few that make up this category. Peanut butter and some oils are good as well like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and peanut butter with the oil on top that you mix together. Avocado is another healthy fat that you can have.

To sum up a couple easy methods to follow when determining which foods are good for you are to look at the ingredients that go into the food and if you don’t know most of it then stay away. The other is shopping on the outside of the grocery store, by doing this you avoid buying processed foods that have added preservatives that are not healthy for your body.

Keep nutrition simple and be consistent with it. Below is an easy to follow guide.

Meal Guide:

  • 3-5 meals a day
  • There should be fruits and/or vegetables in almost every meal PLUS protein
  • Eat whole foods so shop mostly on the outside of the grocery store
  • For regular meals take a plate and make half of it veggies, 1/2 small cup of dense carbs like long grain brown rice, 1/4 of the plate protein (should be about the size of your palm), and fat the size of your thumb
  • Little sugar as possible, natural sugar is fine like sugar from veggies and fruits
  • Limit alcohol intake
  • Drink roughly 2.2 liters or more of water
  • Avoid foods that come in a bag, can, or box

In the link below is a list of foods broken down into the 3 categories mentioned above to help you determine which foods are what.

Nutrition List


Importance of Stretching

thDKFULSPV.jpgStretching is very important because it improves flexibility. What is flexibility? Well, flexibility is the range of motion in a joint or a series of joints. Flexibility is also the length in muscles that cross the joints to induce a bending movement.

People tend to neglect stretching before and after training sessions, or if they do get to it then they rush through it and don’t get the full benefit.

The benefits of stretching include posture improvement, a decrease chance of injury, and an increase of the blood and nutrient supply to muscles and cartilage which then reduce soreness.

Muscles work in pairs around a joint so when we don’t stretch one muscle will start to get lengthened while the other shortens which will then create an imbalance. When this happens it alters the way your body moves and inhibits the range of motion you have. A decrease in your range of motion can lead to injuries both minor and major. This will also lead to a decrease in your strength and performance.

One way to help keep your range of motion and reduce muscle soreness is through myofascial release. This relaxes your contracted muscles and stimulates the stretch reflex in them. A couple tools you can use for this is a foam roller and a massage ball which you can find here.


Here are a few stretches you can do starting today:

Interval Workout 1

For this workout you will work for 30 seconds then rest 30 seconds. You choose the weight for some of the movements. On the row you will do one side for 30 seconds then rest 30 seconds then do the opposite side.

Circuit of 4 rounds:

  • Dumbbell Row 30 sec
  • Rest 30 sec
  • Dumbbell Row 30 sec
  • Rest 30 sec
  • Dumbbell Thruster 30 sec
  • Rest 30 sec
  • Sumo Squat 30 sec
  • Rest 30 sec
  • Planks 30 sec
  • Rest 30 sec
  • Leg Lifts 30 sec
  • Rest 30 sec


Dumbbell Row

Dumbbell Thruster

Sumo Squat


Leg Lifts

How to Stay Motivated For the Gym

Are you finding it difficult to get yourself to go to the gym?

Are you struggling to push yourself when you do go?

Staying motivated to keep going to the gym does not come easy. There are very few people that can push themselves and consistently go almost everyday of every week. Those people tend to have a huge goal they want to achieve, their minds just have that drive and urge to keep going and suffering, or they have both!

For most of us though it gets tough to have that kind of mindset all day everyday. Some days we make the excuse of being too busy, and other days we’re just too tired and not really feeling it. I remember a time when I stopped working out for almost a whole year! I lost the motivation to do almost any type of exercise. Every now and then I would go play touch football, but that was the most I would do for that period of time. Towards the middle of my exercise free journey I started to lose weight because I wasn’t eating much anymore. I know losing weight is a goal for some but for me I was not wanting to lose weight because the weight I lost was unhealthy. I was losing muscle! I didn’t become more defined, in fact I was gaining a little more fat because I was not eating enough and I wasn’t eating the right foods.

It wasn’t until about a year that I started exercising again. I had a friend tell me that I was looking sick, and she was right. I looked like I was stranded in the dessert for a few days. That got me to start going to the gym again and doing some running and weights. I still didn’t have a routine or any type of exercise program, but I made it an effort to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. After a few weeks I stumbled upon CrossFit on TV and that is what really got me going with exercising. I liked the fact that they used things that people do every day as a way to exercise like running, farmers carry (this correlates to carrying y20170613_014437000_iOSour grocery bags in your hands), jumping over things, ect. Watching the guys and girls utilize all components of fitness to make themselves better motivated me to push myself every time I went to the gym. My goal was to be good at everything.

To help push me every day I went to the gym I found a group of friends that had similar goals as mine. We all wanted to increase our fitness, and way we did that was by holding each other accountable. We always made sure we went to the gym almost everyday, and we actually centered our lives around the gym. We did take rest days though! It wasn’t gym all the time.

Staying motivated doesn’t come easy for everyone. There are very few that can do it on their own. The majority of us need help though. I want to do just that for you. Here are 5 tips to help you stay motivated and keep pushing yourself.

  1. Set yourself a goal. Have an end goal that you want to achieve but also give yourself small goals that lead to that end goal. This will help you stay positive and feeling successful throughout the process. (MAKE YOUR GOAL/GOALS ATTAINABLE)
  2. This may be a little weird for some but it works! Watch videos of the goals you are shooting for. If you want to get ridiculously strong then watch strongman videos for motivation.
  3. Find a group of people or even just one person that have a similar goal as you and keep each other accountable. Ask each other when you all are going to go the gym that day. Having someone do it with you is really powerful!
  4. Get a coach/trainer. This takes the headache out of not knowing what to do and on what days. The coach/trainer will also hold you accountable and motivate you to keep pushing toward that goal of yours.
  5. Make going to the gym a priority. The gym doesn’t have to be the center of your life but make it one of the top things in your life. Make it a routine to go every other day, 3 days a week, or something.


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Building Confidence

For a long time my confidence level was really low. I barely talked to people other than my close friends, I kept to myself, I didn’t want to answer questions when I was in school, and I didn’t want to venture out and try new things. I was a boring guy who stuck to the same routine everyday.

When I did go out and do things like go to a party or a bar I would normally just stay close to the people I knew and were comfortable with. I didn’t have the confidence to start a conversation with someone I just met, or if someone started talking to me I didn’t feel comfortable enough to keep the conversation going so the conversation would typically stop in like 1-2 minutes. It didn’t take long for that to hit a dead end.

I remember thinking that maybe if I get big and strong I will start to feel better and have more confidence, or if I just get toned and ripped maybe that will boost my confidence level. So, I started striving to get to one of those.

Since I played a few sports in high school I knew how to perform some movements in the weight room, so when I started going back to the gym I stuck to those exercises I knew how to do. I was intimidated a little bit when I would go and see these other individuals that are big and strong and ripped working out. I tried to stay away from them and do my own thing. I would do upper body workouts and a little bit of lower body stuff but mostly upper body. Although I was getting a little definition, I was going no where fast. I was struggle to find out why things weren’t working. I looked up programs and exercises online but that still wasn’t getting me to where I wanted to be. I then saw the CrossFit Games on TV. These guys weren’t big or super cut but they were strong, fast, and did things I’ve never seen. They were striving to reach their full potential in every aspect of fitness. I knew that that’s what I wanted to strive for.

I knew I couldn’t do this on my own so I got referred by a friend of a gym he went to that taught him this way of working out. I went to the gym and ended up signing for a year membership! A few months into it I started noticing a huge difference in myself mentally and physically. I actually gained 20 pounds of muscle and became stronger than I’ve ever 20170506_220554920_iOSbeen, quicker, more conditioned, and all around a better version of myself. I started to become more confident and less intimidated. I loved the progress I was making so much that I wanted to learn how to teach it to others, so I became an intern at the gym. This got me out of my comfort zone and started forcing me to talk to people individually and in groups. I surrounded myself with like-minded individuals and made new friends in the process.

Now I have the confidence to talk to people when I go out, I want to go out and try new things, I don’t feel intimidated if I go to a gym because I know what I’m doing, and physically I like the way I look and what I am capable of. I still strive to get better and I have two amazing trainers that help me because I believe that everyone needs someone to help guide them.

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Stuffed Peppers


  • Multi Bell Sweet Peppers
  • Cheese (I use Feta but any shredded cheese is fine)
  • Ground Turkey Meat
  • Long Grain Brown Rice
  • Chopped onions


  • Cook turkey meat in a skillet
  • Put water in a pot and then on the stove and let it boil
  • Place rice in boiling water and let it cook for 10 minutes
  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees
  • Cut tops off the peppers
  • Mix the turkey meat, rice, chopped onions, and cheese together
  • Begin stuffing the peppers until full
  • Place stuffed peppers on a pan and then in the oven for 15-18 minutes
  • Take it out
  • Let it cool
  • EAT


How To Overcome Stress


What is stress and why do we get it?

Stress is a way for the body to prepare for a fight or flight situation. The reaction is unconscious and does it autonomic. The nervous system releases stress hormones into the blood (adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol). The body ensures that extra sugar and fat enters the blood for energy, the heart beats faster, blood pressure rises and blood circulation to the muscles increases.

A simplified way of putting this is that stress is an energy boost but the long-term effects of this is high levels of sugar and fat in our blood and the body draining the nutrients.

Some of the reasons why you get stressed can be work-related like:

• Being unhappy in your job

• Having a heavy workload or too much responsibility

• Working long hours

• Having poor management, unclear expectations of your work, or no say in the decision-making process • Working under dangerous conditions

• Being insecure about your chance for advancement or risk of termination • Having to give speeches in front of colleagues

• Facing discrimination or harassment at work, especially if your company isn’t supportive
Other reasons can come from life itself like:

• Loss of a job

• Increase in financial obligations

• Getting married

• Moving to a new home

• Chronic illness or injury

• Emotional problems (depression, anxiety, anger, grief, guilt, low self-esteem)

Sometimes stress can be more internal than external. For instance, when you worry aalarm-814507__480bout things like the fear of not hearing your alarm to wake up for work tomorrow, or worrying about not having enough money to pay the bills. All of these things cause stress which can then cause us to feel moody, cold, nervous, tense, and prone to eating more or less.

So, I’ve gone over what stress is and why we get it, now I want to give you some of the ways to help reduce stress and lose weight the healthy way.

One way to reduce stress is through exercise! Hormones are released to counteract stress and make you feel better. These hormones can also help control your insulin and blood sugar levels which can serve to stop cravings.

The next is through proper nutrition. Eating well balanced meals with rich, nutritious foods is the best way to keep your body healthy. To make it easy for yourself, keep healthy foods around so you don’t get tempted to eat those sugary or processed foods. When you snack, make sure you choose foods that are high in fiber like fruit, wholegrain, and vegetables. This will help you feel fuller and keep you from craving those unhealthy carbs.

Another is by relaxing. Take a little bit of time out of your hectic life to relax and do something for yourself. I like to go on walks with my dog at a park to get away from all the work. This will make you less likely to turn to food for comfort.

The last way I’m going to provide you with is making sure you eat enough calories! By depriving yourself of calories in attempting to lose weight can in fact increase hunger and stress levels. Extreme dieting can cause more harm than good. Stick to well balanced meals and exercise for that.

To sum up the 4 ways to reduce stress the healthy way is to exercise at least 3 times a week, eat balanced meals that are rich in nutrients, relax and take time out of the day for yourself, and eat enough calories! By doing these 4 things you will not only help with your stress levels but also begin to lose weight the right way and feel better about yourself.

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Are You Eating Enough?

You’ve probably learned that in order to lose weight you just eat less, and that’s true but to a certain extent. By cutting your calories you start to pull your fat cells out and burn them off but you still need to have enough calories and nutrients for the other parts of your body to function. If you cut too many calories out the other parts in your body like your organs, muscles, bones, ect. will starve and begin to get damaged and run down; then eventually stop working properly.

Everyday your body needs to an adequate amount of nutrients to perform, and salmon-dish-food-meal-46239.jpgthis includes vitamins, minerals, and calories which come from the macronutrients you consume. These macronutrients play a big role in everything your body does. Carbohydrates are your main fuel source for your brain and muscles; while protein and fat help repair and heal your body’s cells.

There are two key reasons that cause your body to start hanging on to fat. The first reason is that healthy tissue like muscles and bones burn calories just by being on your body. When your tissues start to wither away your metabolism begins to decrease and therefore you burn fewer and fewer calories each day. The second reason is when your body doesn’t get enough nutrients it goes into conservation mode. What this does is causes you to expend fewer calories because now your body thinks it won’t get enough and so it is trying to adapt. These reasons are why on the scale you might be making progress and losing weight but in the mirror it looks like you are getting no where.

pexels-photo-262218.jpgThere are a few signs that will tell you that you are not eating enough. If you start to feel sluggish, moody, or start to have food cravings then this is a good indication that you are not eating getting enough food in your body. It is essential that you eat enough to nurture your body for both health and weight loss.

So, how much am I supposed to consume each day? Everyone is different and so it varies from person to person, but to give you an estimate on how much you need just to function is about 10x the body weight you want to be at.  So if you wanted to weigh 125 then the amount of calories you would need to have is 1250. Now this DOES NOT factor in exercise, moving around, or anything that requires you to expend more energy. This amount is only if you do absolutely nothing all day! Meaning you lay in bed from 12am to 12pm. When I say 10x the body weight you want to be at that does not mean if you weigh 170 and you want to be at 110 then you should only 1100. That is not a healthy number to start at. You should start making small jumps like 10 pounds at a time and work your way down until you reach your ideal weight. Remember though, this number is only if you do nothing all day. You will need to factor in exercise and any other moving around you do throughout the day.

A way to start and make sure you are eating enough is by tracking what you eat and how much and see which direction you are heading. You do need to eat less to lose weight but if you start to notice any of the signs above or something similar to them then you will need to add in a little more! You will need to do this for at least 3 weeks in order to know if it is working or not. It does not happen over night!

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